The Iron Council

Outside the city
adventure log

The scene opens with heroes outside of the city of Trent. They are part of the Body that was left to besiege the city, which recently claimed its independence from the kingdom. Trent is now rumored to be full of demon worshippers and blood drinkers.

At this point, only ten men remain – barely enough to create two Fists. The soldiers are being led by Podrus and Sir William of Trent.

Several warriors emerge from the city, bearing down on the remaining troops to wipe them out. Unfortunately for them, they are quickly dispatched and the city remains quiet for the remainder of the day, save for a few volley of arrows that are shot from the walls (though fall well short of the camp).

Thotham later approaches the city, just outside of the archer’s kill zone, and challenges the devils to bring out the city’s champion so he may best him. Nothing moves on the walls and the city stays quiet.

The next morning, a dust cloud can be seen to the southwest. While attempting to quell another uprising from one of the surrounding cities, the warrior king fell to a well-placed shot and his body is now being carried back to the ships, which are to the south of Trent

As we fade to black, three large black shapes rise from within the walls of the city – black dragons!


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